Estate & Business Succession Planning

Most people spend a lifetime creating business and personal assets, but spend little time on estate preservation and disposition to protect those hard-earned assets. We offer expert counseling by experienced and trained professionals for:

Estate Planning

  • Ensure assets will be distributed according to the client's desires
  • Identify estate tax reduction strategies
  • Provide estate tax funding strategies (insurance and non-insurance solutions)
  • Enhance family harmony while creating legacies for heirs or philanthropic causes

Business Succession Planning

  • Key-Person risk-loss analysis
  • Buy-Sell planning (for multiple business owners and
    multi-generational family members)
  • Business continuation planning
  • Pension and deferred compensation planning
  • Deferred compensation and key-person retention planning

The Process

We begin with a fact-finding discussion where we determine your objectives and examine your current legal agreements, assets and insurance portfolio. From the very beginning, we work with your existing most trusted advisors (attorney, investment advisor, CPA and other planning professionals) and we only offer recommendations with their input. As a member of your advisory team, we are "idea merchants" who explore and introduce solutions for your unique goals.  

Insuring Your Legacy

Should circumstances indicate the need or advisability of life insurance and related products, Farr Johnen & Associates will recommend the product and approach that is best suited, and we'll implement the chosen plan.